Getting Started

Octobat is a billing-as-a-service provider, which help companies to build an automatic billing flow, which includes collecting money easily, solving global tax issues and delivering tax receipts and invoices to customers.

In this section, you'll learn some basics about how to use Octobat and find resources that can help you as you work.

In this guide:

Before you start

Octobat's automated flow relies on the Stripe payment platform. You're required to have a Stripe account to use Octobat.

To be able to automate the tax calculation and to produce worldwide compliant invoices, Octobat requires you send particular data to Stripe.
There are two ways to deal with this, the simplest one is to rely on our <checkout /> or custom forms, that replace your Stripe API calls and don't require you to code a backend to collect money. The second one, more relevant if you have particular needs, is to handle Stripe API calls on your own, and customize them in a Octobat-compliant way.

The following documentation gives you all the insights to build a proper Octobat implementation.

Creating your account

To use Octobat built-in components or integrations, you are required to create an account first.
When subscribing, Octobat will require read/write access to your Stripe account to be able to fetch the required data to compute tax calculations and generate/send the tax receipts and invoices. Write access will never be used to create/alter/delete data. When using Octobat built-in or custom forms, you consent us to perform the required Stripe API calls to create the charges and subscriptions you need to collect money, and write data to your Stripe account.

Obtaining your Octobat API keys

When not using a direct integration, you must use an appropriate API key to fetch/create/update a resource managed by Octobat.

API keys are available for both livemode and testmode with exactly the same purpose. We strongly advise you to use testmode keys while developing your app, so when switching to production, you'll only have to change each API key to the corresponding livemode one.

Secret and publishable keys are the two ways used to identify your Octobat account. The publishable key is used to create charge and subscriptions when using Octobat built-in <checkout /> and custom forms and should be included with the HTML form. The secret key is used for all other API calls on the server-side. The secret key should never be visible by a visitor.

You can grab the test and live API keys for your account under the API Keys / Webhooks section

Integrating Octobat

There are two ways to implement Stripe + Octobat to your app/website. You can use our built-in forms, or rely on your own Stripe implementation and our direct integration.

  • Octobat built-in forms are the easiest billing flow. Using them, you don't have to worry about developing a Stripe implementation to collect payments, and you benefit from Octobat's automation expertise to generate and send invoices/tax receipts without any effort.
  • If you already have set up your Stripe implementation, or prefer to make it on your own, you still can have access to Octobat's billing and invoicing features. Thanks to Stripe connect and direct Octobat integration, we will retrieve your payments and subscriptions data, and automatically generate and send the corresponding invoices/tax receipts on-the-go.

Octobat built-in forms documentation: <checkout /> and custom form

Don't waste time developing a backend, we make Stripe API calls on your behalf.
Collect money, be worldwide tax-compliant and automatically deliver tax receipts and invoices in minutes.
  • <checkout /> is the easiest way to setup your billing workflow. You benefit from our all-integrated backend and frontend component to have a whole Stripe + Octobat implementation in a single line of code.
  • You need to build your custom form? You require additional fields, or you want to integrate the form in a specific flow, but you don't want to or cannot integrate server-side Stripe API Calls? octobat-form.js is made for you!

Using your own Stripe implementation

Need more customization? Don't want to change your Stripe setup?
Octobat's Stripe direct integration enables effortless automatic tax calculation and invoicing.

Need help?

We’re always happy to help out with code or any other questions you might have. Please drop us a line to